Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling for the Mother of the Year Award Right Here!

SO, if there was ever a Loser Mom Award, today I've qualified. (again.)
At about 2:35 my phone was ringing and I answered it and it was my 4 year old's preschool teacher asking if everything was ok, because no one had come to get our daughters from school.

Did ya'll get that? We didn't pick our children up from school!??!

Usually Hubs picks our girls up at 2:30 so I don't have to get the 3 year old and the 1 year old that I sit for out of bed and rush to the school. Well, today I knew he was going to the hospital at 12:30 to see someone who was having surgery and he did mention to me that I "might need to get the girls".

Well, I thought that meant he would call me if he wasn't going to be finished at the hospital and he thought I was just going to go and pick them up so neither of us were there at 2:15 to pick them up.......

And, apparently not only had one teacher been calling me but the mother of the little girl I sit for had been calling me to because she was concerned. See, both little girls fell asleep at nap time - which these days is rare for my 3 year old -- and so did I. I was obviously so asleep that I didn't hear the phone ringing over and over and over again.

As I am running around trying to get some shoes and wake everyone up to go get them girls my door bell rings and I have worried these dear people so much that the mother of the little girls I sit for, has driven to my house with her assistant (in case I was passed out cold or something) to check on me.

ohhhhh, I am so EMBARRASSED!!!!

Well, I guess all is well that ends well. All children are home and accounted for. But I just thought I'd ask someone out there to give me the mother of the year award.....because you can clearly see that I deserve it.

Hope ya'lls Thursday is going better than mine.


Janelle & Ella said...

You do deserve it! We know you are a terrific mother and I'm sure you'll look back at this and laugh. :-)

Cyndi said...

Good, I've been wanting to pass the "Loser Mom" sash and tiara on to someone else. I forgot to take my son to a class a couple of weeks ago, and the most recent tooth that was lost... the tooth fairy NEVER came.

I know you were horrified! But, you're right, all's well that ends well! (And remember, this could've happened to anybody! :)

Wendy said...

This will make a good conversation piece in a couple of years. When you look back on it, you'll laugh I'm sure.

Deedra said...

Oh No!! Bless your heart! I'm glad everything turned out okay! Hope your weekend went much more smoothly!

Ginger said...

You are a wonderful mommy! The girls know you could NEVER forget about them. I'm sure this will be one of the stories they tell over & over as they grow up, though. Get ready! :)

Natalie said...

I love your blog. I am a preacher's wife too. I have a 7 month old and can already invision myself winning the award numerous times. Thanks for the funny read. I enjoyed it. I will be back to visit.

Kelli said...

So funny, Mindy! Every child gets left atleast once, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Hang in there, mom.