Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling for the Mother of the Year Award Right Here!

SO, if there was ever a Loser Mom Award, today I've qualified. (again.)
At about 2:35 my phone was ringing and I answered it and it was my 4 year old's preschool teacher asking if everything was ok, because no one had come to get our daughters from school.

Did ya'll get that? We didn't pick our children up from school!??!

Usually Hubs picks our girls up at 2:30 so I don't have to get the 3 year old and the 1 year old that I sit for out of bed and rush to the school. Well, today I knew he was going to the hospital at 12:30 to see someone who was having surgery and he did mention to me that I "might need to get the girls".

Well, I thought that meant he would call me if he wasn't going to be finished at the hospital and he thought I was just going to go and pick them up so neither of us were there at 2:15 to pick them up.......

And, apparently not only had one teacher been calling me but the mother of the little girl I sit for had been calling me to because she was concerned. See, both little girls fell asleep at nap time - which these days is rare for my 3 year old -- and so did I. I was obviously so asleep that I didn't hear the phone ringing over and over and over again.

As I am running around trying to get some shoes and wake everyone up to go get them girls my door bell rings and I have worried these dear people so much that the mother of the little girls I sit for, has driven to my house with her assistant (in case I was passed out cold or something) to check on me.

ohhhhh, I am so EMBARRASSED!!!!

Well, I guess all is well that ends well. All children are home and accounted for. But I just thought I'd ask someone out there to give me the mother of the year award.....because you can clearly see that I deserve it.

Hope ya'lls Thursday is going better than mine.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Languages

HI everybody. I am FINALLY crawling out from under this sickness that has had me for over a week now. A couple of weeks ago now, I met with my bible study group, the VW's, and the topic of the 5 Love Languages book came up. As we discussed the book and different love languages, it took me back to my premarital counseling. Hubs and I were assigned to read this book and decide our own love language.
I can remember reading this book and learning about the love languages and feeling like none of them stood out to me as "the one" that was how I receive love. So, the next time we met with the minister who was doing our premarital counseling, he asked what we thought our love languages were. Hubs gave his answer and it was just one love language. I, on the other hand, said that I thought that none of the them fit me well and that I liked a combination of all of those love languages.....And, I do have to say that hubs - he really didn't like that answer so much. Matter of fact, I think his response was "You can't be all of them".

So, when we were discussing it at my group the other night, I told them that I thought I was a little of all of them and I couldn't pick just one love language. My friend, K, told me that she thinks I am quality time......hmmmmm......something to ponder.

As I have thought more about this, I still don't know so I have decided to ask ya'll's opinion.
I had planned on sharing with you all what my sweet hubs did for me for Valentine's Day anyways and it really was right up my love language alley. Maybe some of you can help with what my love language is after I tell what we did.

On Friday night at about 4:45 a babysitter showed up at my house and hubs and I left. I had no idea were we were headed or what we were doing, All I knew is that I didn't need to be dressed for a wedding or anything fancy. We drove up I-40 about an hour to the small town of Black Mountain, NC. We got off the interstate and my anticipation grew as I waited to see what was next.
We stopped for dinner at a place called The Black Mountain Bistro . This place was awesome. They had a wide variety of foods to choose from. A great date night place to go but also they had sandwiches and such for a family night out.
After supper, we got back in the car and drove a little further up the road to Montreat College.
I was wondering what in the world we were doing there , but I love surprises so I just went with the flow. We ended up at this! If you have never heard of Matthew Smith or Indelible Grace, you HAVE to check them out.
Matthew is one of several different artists in Nashville (Indelible Grace) who takes the words of old and beloved hymns and put them to updated music and some different versions. The concert was awesome! It was a fabulous time of worshipping God! Ya'll be sure and check them out!
This was one of the best Valentine's Days for me! A night out to dinner with Hubs (that didn't include a Happy Meal of any kind) and a concert worshipping our Lord together!
As far as the love languages go, I want to say that what we did wasn't so much the important thing. Rather that Hubs took the time to plan something for us to do.
SO, what do you all think? What love language am I?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Not that anyone is asking, but sorry I've not been around.
As the nurse said yesterday, I've just got "the crud".
Apparently - that is the technical diagnosis when the flu test is negative but symptoms are pretty much the same.
My fever is down this morning, though, so hopefully I'm on the mend.
I hope so.....been this way since Sunday night.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Che*Z A*mi party

HI all.
I don't usually do this but let's face it - I'm pregnant with baby #4 and living on a pastor's income so just humor me, please.
On February 29th, I will be hosting a Chez Ami party. If you don't know this brand of clothing go here and check it out! They have some really cute things for boys and girls in sizes from infant to size 16. They are based out of Raleigh, NC.
If you don't have a local rep in your area or just wanna help a girl out, email me and get your order in asap. By the 29th at the latest.
All orders will be mailed directly to you. Also, you can get a whole set of hairbows for free. Go to the website to see how!

Thanks for taking time to check it out or at least for humoring me!

Monday, February 11, 2008

An Update, Plowpoint and Menu Plan Monday

HI everyone.
First, let me say thank you to all of you who responded to my last post.
I cannot thank you enough for the advice and for "putting me on the right track" again. I needed the reminder to keep my mouth shut!
I don't think that I need to defend my husband -- I know that he can do that for himself. I just really dislike lies and untruths and I just get upset when I hear them.
THANKS again ladies. It is great to have such godly blogging friends!!!!
Also, at a meeting at church last night, it was approved and time was set to start sessions with Plowpoint Ministries.
Girls, I am so excited about this! This is a ministry that comes into churchs to try and break new ground by healing and reconciling work. We heard the lady from Plowpoint talk about it and it was approved and then I went to my bible study.
I know I havent' talked alot about it yet (but I plan to tell you much more), but we are doing Beth Moore's Believing God right now at church. And it was just a "God thang" that last night Beth talked all about believing God can STILL do miracles.
I was amazed and told my bible study group that I believe that God still does miracles and that I believe that HE will do one in OUR church. ANd I do believe that - I really do!!!!
I am so excited about the Plowpoint meetings because I believe that if we all go into these sessions with open hearts and minds, there will be NO stopping our great God above from doing big- BIG things in this little ole town we live in.
I can't wait to see what HE is going to do. Will you all please join me in praying that people will be open to this ministry and really come and get involved so that miracles can happen?!!?
The struggles in our church have been present for over 30 years some say, so I know that is a LOT of stirring up of wounds that is going to have to be done for folks to get to the healing part. Girls, please pray for our church in this season to be willing to do the "dirty work" so that God can bring the giant miracles I know he wants to work in ALL of our lives.

I promise to tell you more about the Believing GOd study because I have so much to share about the work God is doing in my life now and has done in my life to get me to the place of leading this study. I promise I will tell you about it -- later in the week hopefully! This morning I went to the doctor for lab work and most of you know how much blood they take from you when you go in for initial lab work of pregnancy. SO, either I was just tired anyway from pregnancy or they've drained so much of my blood that I'm exhausted. Either way, I don't have the energy today to share anymore about the study. But please come back - because the work God is/has done is absolutely amazing to me!

Have a great Monday everyone! Here is my menu for the week.......

Monday: Taco Soup and bread

Tuesday: Chicken Tenders (eiter grilled or baked), green beans, and sweet potato's

Wednesday: FEAST at church

Thursday: I have my VW's group so hubs and girls will have pizza or hotdogs
Hubs choice.

Friday: I planned Chicken and Dressing Casserole -- but then I found out my sweet hubs has a
date planned for us for Valentine's Day and has already lined up a sitter. I'm so excited!

For more MPM, go on over and visit Laura.
And still, no spell check from blogger so please excuse the errors!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Calling All Ministry Folks - and Lay People, too!

I am pleading with you all for advice on some things that have really been bothering me lately. I would love to get all the answers that I can on this one from other ministry people......pastor's wives (and husbands, too if there are any out there). So, if you don't mind leading some folks my way to answer these questions, I would appreicate it!

1. How do you deal with lies that are told about your spouse?

For almost two years now, we have been serving the current church we are at. AND for almost that long there has been several things said that my husband said that are completely untrue. Well, last Sunday at a meeting I had had enough. I am so tired of sitting and listening things beings said about my husband that are untrue. SO, the question is how do you deal with it? How should I deal with it? Let it go? Or is it right to stand up for him and say outright that it isn't true? That brings me to my next question......

2. Why is it that I am supposed to just sit by and listen to people talk bad about my husband and then not be affected by it?

It is always amazing to me that people seem to think it is okay to talk about my husband in front of me and then expect me not to defend him.....especially if what is being said is untrue or unfounded. It may just be around here that this happens but I find it very disturbing, very hurtful and I am totally at a loss at to what to do about things.

Those are my questions for you ministry spouses out there.

Here is my question for all you lay folks out there.

1. How would you as a lay person hope (or expect) for your pastor's spouse to respond to things like this? Is there are way to respond to things like this that is open and honest on my part and yet still conveys love?

Please be open and honest with me! I am really seeking what is best in this situation.

Another thing that has occured to me is that it seems that in recent years there is just no respect for the position of pastor. What I mean by this is that it seems that no one really sees the pastor as being called by God to lead the church. Everyone has their opinion and own ways they think that church should be "done" and if it isn't done their way then it is wrong. What ever happened to believing that God is leading this person called pastor? The way I see it, in my own personal case, God called my husband into the ministry and expects him to lead the church to the best of his ability - leaning on God the whole time, of course. God called this man and he then spent 3 years of his life in seminary which prepared him to be the pastor. I just wonder why people don't respect that.

SO, this question is for everyone -- ministry spouses and lay folks.

1. Do you think there is a lack of respect for pastors? If so, do you see it as a problem in the church?

I'm asking if you see this as a problem in the church at large - not necessarily in your specific churches.

THANKS so much for your time. Anyone you can lead my way to comment on this would be appreciated, too! Also, I can't get my spell check to work - so forgive and misspellings, please.