Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missed Opportunity

Do you believe that God places angels in your path to see how you will respond to them?
I do.

And I missed out on the opportunity to glorify HIM this morning. And I am devastated by it!

Here is what happened. I get my girls in the van to take them to school. After pulling out of my driveway, I see a little old lady walking down one of the side streets toward me.
It was FREEZING cold (literally) this morning. The lady has on a small sweater coat (you know the sweatshirt kind that older women wear alot), and her purse on her arm.

These are the thoughts that went through my head.

"It is way too cold for her to be walking down the street this morning. I wonder where she is going!"

"Maybe I should offer her a ride"

"But, if I don't get these two to school, they are going to be late"

Then the Lord added,

"Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me." (Matthew 25:40)

By this time, I've long since passed her up and have turned onto the next road. I even turned on my blinker to turn around and go get her. BUT again the nagging.

"The girls are going to be late for school"

So, I reasoned in my head that I would hurry and drop the girls off at their classrooms and go back to pick the little old lady up and take her to where ever she was going.

I mean, she couldn't go far! She was elderly and couldn't walk that fast. So, I would just find her and take her on to where she was going.

SO - I fussed at my girls to hurry and get out of the car and ran them to their classrooms and leave fully intending to go back and get the lady.

She was gone. I searched every which way she could have went and she wasn't there.

I am totally ashamed. NOT only did I miss the opportunity to do for the least of these, but I was also ugly to my girls. Clearly, I deserve the award for Preacher's Wife of the Year!

I have asked for forgiveness.

Hebrews 13: 2 "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This morning I was doing my bible reading. Right now I am reading in Judges and today I read chapter 3. I read about the very 1st judge that the Lord sent to bring the Israelites back to Him - Othneil.

Then I read about the 2nd judge. His name was Ehud. And he was left-handed. When I first read that, I kind of laughed. It is amazing the things in the Bible that are funny. It is so refreshing to know that God has a sense of humor! The first thought I had was that the people who think that left handedness is of the devil are wrong and HERE is the proof. The Lord was using this left- handed man to save his chosen people. If you haven't guessed already, this struck me because I am a south paw. And I'm the only lefty in my family so I'm always happy to find that that is a good thing.

Then when I read the notes on Ehud in my Life Application Bible (GREAT study bible, btw) it spoke of the fact that Ehud's left handedness made him unique. And God used this uniqueness to deliver the Israelites from captivity.

I'm in a season in my life where I am desperately trying to figure what comes next. Next year I will have two of three children in school and my youngest will have two years of preschool before starting Kindergarten. That might not mean a lot to some folks but to me -- it means it is time for me to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

Before having children, I was a public school teacher. I taught exceptional children in grades 3 - 5. And while I really enjoyed working with these kids, and I do have a passion for this population of people , I KNOW that going back to work for the school system isn't what I am supposed to be doing.

The trouble is that I'm struggling. I don't really know what I am supposed to do. I think that God is calling me to be a christian counselor. But then my self - doubt kicks in and I begin to wonder......

Is God really calling me to do this? Or is it just my wishful thinking?

How will I go back to school and get a biblical counseling degree when the only schools that offer it aren't near me and cannot be completed on line?

Is this really what God wants? If so, shouldn't it just all work out and not be so hard?

So when I attended the Women of Faith preconference and Dr. Henry Cloud spoke on our dreams and God's dreams for our lives, I bought both of the books he had to offer. I've begun to read 30 Days to Your Dreams. I have finished day 2. Day 1 was all about Acknowledging that our dreams come from God. That is difficult enough for me (see about question about is this from God or from me?) but I am accepting that God gives me dreams for my life.
Day 2 was about seeing myself as God sees me. That He wants to give us our desires for our lives (if they are in His will) -- GOT this one!!!!
Then comes what I am to read and work on tonight. I glanced at it last night and it has set me in to a tizzy.......Because Day 3? It's all about Uncovering Your Dreams..........
I looked over the questions and I don't have answers for them.
I cannot answer what I did with my free time as child or what was my favorite toy and why. And the biggest ones I can't answer are -- if I had to chose one thing to do for the rest of my life what would it be.............AND to be quite honest I don't know what activities come easily to me.

I am usually a pretty self -reflective person -- but this is so hard for me for some reason. I cannot figure it out. I don't know whether it is that God is telling me to wait on HIM some more. Then I would KNOW my problem is patience. OR if the devil is just trying to get in the way of God using MY uniqueness. I want to be like Ehud. My greatest desire in life is to fulfill God's purpose in my life. To be and do all that HE is calling me to do. I want to use the gifts, talents and dreams God has for me. I just don't know where to start.

Anyone out there got any advice for me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4 Things

I found this over at my friend, Elaine's place and since I have nothing notable to say today -- and since I love these sort of things and hope (hint hint) you'll all play along, I thought I would try this today.

SO, here are 4 things that you more than likely don't know about me.........ok - maybe some of you do.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. babysitting for lots of people
2. Sales girl at Victoria's Secret and Guess! at different times
3. Camp Counselor and various other jobs there
.4. Exceptional Ed teacher - 3 - 5th graders - Self Contained Classroom

Four movies I Have watched more than once:
1. Grease
2.The Sound of Music
3. The Christmas Story (at least once on Christmas Day - since they run it for 24 hours)
4. Step Mom

Four TV Shows I Watch Faithfully
1. Survivor - when I'm home
2. Lost - when it returns in Feb
3. guess that is it - I really don't
4. watch that much TV......

Four Places I have Vacationed
1. Charleston, SC
2. Disney World
3. Alaska - actually a mission trip but it was beautiful
4. Ecuador -- also a mission trip.....

Four of my Favorite Foods:
1. Mexican
2. A good steak once in a while
3. Chile's Chips and Salsa
4. Paninis

Four Places I would rather be right now:
1. On a weekend retreat with hubs
2. A girls day out shopping - without kids
3. ON a trip with my family
4. Camping with my family

Four Things I am looking forward to this year
1. Christmas
2. Disney Cruise in January
3. Disney World -- Dec. 2008
4. The wonderful and exciting things God has planned for us this year!

Four Hobbies I have:
1. decorating.
2. reading
3. scrapbooking ---- if I ever catch up
4. Learning about God

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Pitfall of Parsonage Living

OK. SO - today is Friday. Obvious I know, but what you don't know is that Friday is my down day.

I do not babysit on Fridays, so I revel in having hubs take A. and M. to school while I stay with L. and sit in my pj's, robe, and slippers drinking my coffee. I like to check in with all of you guys and enjoy some down time. You know what I mean?

Well, this morning at exactly 8:46 AM, while I am sitting at our computer in my pj's, robe and slippers with my coffee with hazelnut creamer catching up with all of you guys, I hear someone pull into our driveway.

I look out the window to see the the pest control man in his truck.

Can I tell ya'll that I have NEVER been more mortified in my life. Besides being in my leopard print pj's, my blue robe and my fuzzy pink slippers -- I must also mention that I lacked the appropriate underwear to be receiving company.

AND - my house looks like a tornado blew threw this morning and left a ton of wreckage in it's wake. There are a million dishes in the sink from breakfast and from the popcorn snack hubs and I had last night and I didn't even wipe off the table after we ate breakfast......
NOT to mention that we got home late last night so the girls didn't have the change to clean up their rooms and play room after playing all afternoon in them.

Literally, a bomb could have gone off in this house and there would be less mess.......

I also, in my great genius, opted to call up my husband at his office and hiss at him that no one told me that the pest control man was coming to our house this morning instead of putting on the proper underwear before opening the door. Probably a bad decision all around.

Needless to say, pest control man was so embarrassed that he asked for my number so that next time he is to come to this parsonage --- he will call here first.

Honestly, I don't think I am ever going to be able to see that man without being utterly humiliated ever again.


what a way to start a Friday.
hope it gets better.

now, if ya'll will excuse me -- I gotta go get showered and dressed and ready for the day before someone else shows up around here.

Chalk it all up to living in a parsonage I suppose. The fishbowl doesn't take my embarrassment into consideration.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Retreat

Hi everybody. I just wanted to post a little bit about my trip to the mountains last weekend.

First of all - it was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Because of the dryness this year, I was really afraid that the leaves weren't going to put on much of a show. BUT I was wrong. They've been brilliant this year! Just look how pretty this picture is from the Blue Ridge Parkway. It really doesn't do the leaves justice - but just trust me. They were awesome!

We had a great time shopping at the shops in Blowing Rock, eating fabulous food at the Mellow Mushroom and at Tijuana Fats.

We studied a chapter in our book - Shepherding A Child's Heart that could certainly stimulate a lot of debate. It was all about realizing that as parents God calls us to "be an authority" over our children. It was a great chapter and even though we were all exhausted we had lots of good discussion.

We spent one evening playing board games -- it was tons of fun playing cranium without the element of competition there (which is usually there when playing with the men I know) =)

We laughed and talked and worked on solving the worlds problems -- or just the problems in our own little worlds -- It was awesome girl time!

We even got to worship together as we attended church there in Blowing Rock on Sunday morning. We missed our families but we also dawdled as long as possible on Sunday afternoon before heading home.

It was much needed refreshment. We set out for home looking forward to seeing our children and hubby's again.

So, on this Thankful Thursday --

I just want to say Thank you so much to my VW girls. If you are reading this, you all help keep me grounded and sane! I cannot wait for another weekend retreat. I love you girls!!! I'd post a picture of us all together but I don't have everyone's permission to do so.....maybe some other time.

Have a very great day and go on over to Crystal's for more thankful thursdays!
We are headed out of town again tomorrow -- so see ya next week!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Free Pie for your best Cold Remedy!

Well, all this going and going has FINALLY caught up with me I suppose. My throat is scratchy. My head has been hurting. My nose is stuffy and runny --at different times of course. I have a bit of a cough. My body aches.
Yes, it seems I am coming down with a cold. yuck!!!!
So, I am asking all you girls out there in blogland to give me your best remedies for a quick recovery ---- like back to 100% in 4 days.
I gotta go out of town again on Friday. All the help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

And of course the cold is here on a day when all of my girls are here since it is Veteran's Day and there is no school. I am glad they are here -- just wish I wasn't feeling so out of sorts. But God is providing humor for me through them.

While fixing their lunches, they asked for some banana.

I said "These banana's are rotten. I will have to get more soon and throw these away."

M. (age 4) responds, "I know what you can do with those banana's. You can make Rotten Banana Pie."

"I don't think anyone is gonna want to eat Rotten Banana Pie."

"Uh-huh, my teacher told me. "

I'm wondering a bit what she is learning in her Pre - k class at this point. =)

Do we have any takers on the pie?

Anyway - ya'll have a good Monday! Looking forward to your remedies - so hit me with your best shot!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thankful Thursday

HI everybody.....

I am so busy and so stressed that it will be a wise thing for me to stop and be thankful for a bit today. So here goes:

***I bought these Amaryllis for my Open House I am doing in December. I bought them in early October because the box said it would take 9 -12 weeks for them to bloom. Well - here we are about 5 weeks later and look at these blooms. Even though they probably won't make it another 5 weeks until the Open House. OH well ---- I am thankful for the beautiful blooms!

*** Last weekend while I was away, our church had their Sparkle N Spice Winterfest. They had a silent auction and hubs got me this chair. He was so sweet to get this for me. I just love the shape of it. I am thankful for such a sweet hubby!

***I am going out of town this weekend with a great group of girls. We are going on a retreat to the mountains. To here and here. I cannot wait. We will do some learning about raising children biblically using this book and we will have lots of fun together doing some shopping and just hanging out together. I cannot wait. I am very thankful for this!

***I am thankful that the Lord watches over and sees me and will see me through it all!
Have a great weekend everybody! For more thankful Thursday's go on over here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



I know that I am absent around here these days. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to even stop to say hi! It has been so crazy that last week I didn't even fix one meal from my menu plan........that says alot, because I usually stick to my menu even if nothing else goes as planned.

I spent Monday afternoon decorating at church for our fall festival. Then, my sweet great-uncle passed away last Tuesday morning. So, I spent Tuesday cleaning house and getting ready to leave for Georgia for the funeral. Wednesday was our Fall Festival at church. Everyone had a blast. I had a cowgirl, a cheerleader and Sleeping Beauty tagging along with me. Check them out!
L. hasn't stopped being Sleeping Beauty since!

On Thursday, the girls and I loaded up and headed to Georgia and we returned on Sunday night.
I am just now starting to feel like I am able to catch my breath.
Not for long though.
I am going out of town again on Friday.......and then again the next weekend........and then the third one also...........Frankly, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Hope you all are having a blessed week and hopefully I will catch up with you all soon!