Monday, December 3, 2007

The List

I am a list maker.

I have a "to-do" list each and every day and I really enjoy marking things off my list and being able to see what I've accomplished each and every day.

This Sunday, we (my family and I) will be hosting an Open House here at the parsonage for our church family. I am not exaggerating (ok - maybe a little) when I tell you that I have a million things to get done this week.

Here is today's list. It has many of the mundane things I need to get done anyway on it -- PLUS the extra's of this week.

1)'s laundry day at my house and this will have to be done.
2)Call the eye doctor
3)Call Fabric Company about the fabric that was ordered months ago that has yet to arrive.
4)Call about picture order that wasn't delivered to my house.
5)Call bookstore about a Jesse tree book. We are behind but I WILL catch up!
6)Deep Cleaning of Kitchen - including but not limited to: clean out fridge, clean cabinets inside and out, Move and sweep/ mop behind appliances, sweep/ mop the rest of the floor, clean stove and oven, sweep ceiling and clean baseboards.
7)Go get some groceries so my family won't starve this week.
8)Go to Walmart for: buttons for girls bedding and mail them, Oasis and floral wire, white lunch bags for luminaries, poinsettia's, whatever else comes to mind while I am there.
9) Take A. to dance
10) UMW dinner at 6PM.
11) OH yes, and take two toddler's to Story Time at the Library in 40 minutes. And drop off Preschool app. on the way for next year.

So, that is just today's list. There is much much more for each and every day this week.
So, why am I sitting here posting about it instead of doing it? I'm stressed to the point of being paralyzed.......I don't even know where to start......
Hope ya'll have a good Monday.
And I don't know how to go back and cross things off this list so ya'll can see my if you know how, let me know =) and maybe I can do that later on.


Cyndi said...

I read once that there are actually endorphines (chemicals) released in your body when you cross things off of a list... SO healthy! You should be feeling great by the end of the week!!

I hope you enjoyed story time and have a wonderfully productive day. I've found that if I work diligently on what I know God has for me to do, what needs to get done gets done, and what doesn't get done... either doesn't matter or will get done eventually. :) (He's not going to hold me accountable for things He didn't ask me to do...and that helps me relax...)

You're such a great wife and mom!!

Wendy said...

I hate when I have so many things to do that I don't even know where to start. Once you get started, hopefully all will get done what needs to get done. Try not to stress over the little things that don't get finished..(maybe that's a little easier said than done, though huh).
Good luck.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Mindy~ I found you through Tracey and am so glad I did. What a fun blog you have.
I'll be back!

Deidre said...

Whew! Reading this list wears me out. ;)

I got your comment on my blog and no, I don't think the polar express train goes to Russia. If it does, I've never picked up on that, but I don't think it's mentioned.

You have to know that things fly out of E's mouth like that all the time. Unexplainable things.

I pray you are getting much work done this week to get ready for your open house. I know it will all be beautiful!