Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Healing and A Break!

Hi everybody.

I, like most of you, haven't had a lot to say in the last week. Also, like all of you it's been quite busy around our house. Christmas was wonderful of course. We had my hubby's family here for the day and we had a great time and our celebration even included a birthday cake for Jesus. Which our girls loved. Our daughter's all three got new baby dolls from Santa. Our oldest got this one. I wasn't happy about her wanting it and still am not too happy that we have a doll that can stain the carpet of the parsonage..... However, she loves it and I suppose that makes it worth it.......maybe. Everyone had a big day and hubby and I ended the day talking with the girls about the REAL reason for the season one more time......less they missed it along the way.

The rest of the week has been a busy one of taking down all the Christmas decorations. That is a big job and I still have to take down the stuff on my front porch today. On Friday, I went to see a new cardiologist. I decided to change doctor's because this particular doctor's office serves one of the top 10 Heart Center's in the United States. I figured they must know what they are doing.

A year ago, I visited a different cardiologist and was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation of a level that needed to be watched. So, on Friday they did a new Echo cardiogram to check on it, and I am here to tell you girls that I have been healed. The new doctor said my Echo looked perfect and there was nothing to see on it.

I honestly believe the Lord has healed me and I praise him for it!

I am still having palpitations with no real reason why but my heart is healthy in regard to the Regurgitation. I gotta make time to exercise and cut out my 2 cups of 1/2 caf. coffee a day.......that is a big challenge for me. The doctor saw no reason to even schedule me another appointment at all! Praise the Lord!

I was planning on posting my 100th post last week, which is started but not finished. And in honor of my 34th birthday - which was Christmas Eve and the day my 100th post was to be done, I was going to do 34 things about me. Hubby was actually going to do it, but hasn't gotten around to it yet.
And since we are headed out of town today for two weeks, it'll just have to wait. We are going to visit my family in Georgia for a week and then on Jan. 6th we are going on a 4 night Disney Cruise. We are all SO excited.
Ya'll have a Happy New Year and I will return sometime after the 12th of January!


Deidre said...

Praise the Lord, Mindy! That's wonderful news. I know you must be thrilled.

I have always had heart palpitations and when I was 18 years old the dr. had me cut out caffiene. I did that, but when I eat a lot of chocolate, I have them. Try that....caffiene will certainly do that.

Elaine said...

That's great Mindy! We never cease to be amazed at the healing hands of the Lord!

Janelle & Ella said...

Mindy, That is such awesome news!! I am so happy for you. I know you are so relieved.
Y'all have so much fun on your Disney Cruise. That is going to be amazing.
Happy Birthday!!!!

e-Mom said...

Praise God for his healing power! Wonderful news, Mindy.

Blessings, e-Mom

Valarie said...

God is still in the healing business siesta!! LOVE IT! Praise His name!!!

Have a great trip and look forward to seeing some GREAT pics from it!!

Cyndi said...

Praise God!!! I, too, am a heart patient and have been through a bit of what you described. God is so, so good! I just said a prayer of thanksgiving for you, for your life and for His miraculous healing in this situation.

Have a wonderful trip!

Tina said...

Great blog. Will look forward to reading it this year.

Kim said...

How wonderful about your health news!!! My husband has this, but his doctor says we should not worry about it...just watch for the blood pressure to rise. I'm still very nervous about it.

The Disney cruise sounds so fun...we are wanting to do this after we get Lydia. You'll have to tell me all about it!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so glad you got such a good report from the doctor - PTL!

But I'm a little brokenhearted that I didn't hear from you when you were home!! Your Uncle was supposed to tell me when ya'll got here and of course, he never did. HOpe you had a good visit and that the vacation is a blast! ;)