Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Conversations with children

For supper last night, I made pasta. But, because it served it in bowls my girls thought it was soup. I kept telling them it was pasta and not soup.
After they had said "I'm eating my soup!" for the 867th time, I said in my exasperation

"It's NOT soup!"

My husband then said, "Mom takes offense to you calling this soup. Do you know what offense is?"

A. (6 years old) said, "A gate."

My two year old is sick so we took a trip to the pediatrician yesterday. She has had a cough now for about two weeks and a fever (not too high) off and on and yesterday morning took a long nap and spent her waking time whimpering.
So, off to the doctor we went. They said that everything looked good but since she had been coughing for two weeks, it was probably a sinus infection. So, we have medicine. She did take her medicine at bedtime last night but spent the entire night whimpering and crying in her sleep. I am assuming that she is in pain, though she hasn't been able to tell me where except that every once in a while she says her belly hurts. I am frustrated by all of this because she seems to be in a great deal of pain but refuses to take any Ty*lenol.
Please pray for us and her. I hurt to see her in so much pain.

Ya'll have a great Wednesday


Pam said...

Sorry your little one is sick. If she has a sinus infection, that is probably why her belly hurts. I have one and I have been sicker on my belly then anything else, the doctor says its the drain from the sinus. Sorry you didn't get to finish the BS with us. Maybe if we do one in the spring or fall your timing will be better.


Karen said...

I said a prayer for your little one and for you. And your other little one's comment that an offense was a gate....that's hilarious! That sounds like something my daughter would say!

Take care,

The Preacher's Wife said...

Awww..poor baby. Hope she is feeling better by now.

A gate. lol...I love it..:)


Kim said...

I'm crackin' up here...over *A Gate*. Too, cute.

Poor thing...I'm pryaing she feels better soon.

Linda said...

Sorry your little sweetie is sick. It's hard on Mom, too; I remember. But the offense story is priceless!

Elaine said...

I hope your little one feels better today. (I laughted out loud at her "a gate" comment...) :)

Deedra said...

Bless her heart! I hope she feels better really fast! I couldn't stand to hear mine whimpering all night in pain either.

The gate comment is priceless. Kids are great!...even if they do mistake pasta for soup :)

RealEstateGirl said...

Hey Mindy,

Just catching sorry your precious little girl is sick! I hope she feels better real soon.

"A gate" ...I love that! Sounds like something Jeff Foxworthy would say!

Janelle & Ella said...

I'm so sorry she is sick! I know how painful that is for the parents. I really hope she is better today!