Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Help Wanted

Hey out there in blogland! I need your help!

I have a group of friends who I meet once a month to do bible study with. Well, our next study is to be Shepherding A Child's Heart by Ted Tripp.

Here's why I need help. There are 3 different editions of this book and I am really unsure what to do. If you or anyone you know has dones this study - I'd appreciate the help. Here are my questions.

1)What is the difference between the 1st and 2nd edition? It says updated - but to be honest, I can't find much difference.

2)To do it as a bible study, do we need to get the parent handbook version? If so, why?

I have been trying to figure this out for MONTHS now, so please somebody. help. me!



Kim said...

I'm not sure on the differences...we have a first edition and a new one. Both seem to be the same...maybe just do the most recent one.

I LOVE this book! It is the book that really convinced us to homeschool.


Angie said...

Sorry, I can't answer your question. But I have been trying to get this same book and parent handbook for months and the place I order books (Christian Book Distributor -CBD) is alway on backorder for both!
So....where did you find yours???
It must be REALLY good!

Janelle & Ella said...

I have no idea, but I am so excited you are starting it. I have been wanting to do it so badly and I'll be looking forward to hearing how it is.

David said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is a DVD series that goes along with it? It is pricey, but your church might be able to purchase it and keep it as a resource guide for other members to use, as well. I think you can go to to see it (I think that's the website address). Hope it goes well!

Your new blogfriend at APFMW. :-)