Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just checking in

So sorry that I've been so quiet lately. We just returned home late on Saturday. Then, of course, Sunday is always a full day and then yesterday the girls an I went to the library for story time and then to the park with friends.
Today we went to the free family movie in our town which was The Wizard of OZ. We've all seen it before, but what fun to see it on the big screen. If you don't know if your town does free family films in the summer, you should check it out. It's been great fun this summer. Here they show two movies (one G and one PG ) at 10 AM every Tuesday and Wednesday. We then drove to a town near by to see another friend.
It has been an action packed time since we've returned home from our trip to Georgia. I will do my best to get some of the highlights posted from our trip asap.
Right now --- I have to go catchup on the housework.....I'm off schedule and it is driving me mad!

I promise I will be back soon!


Denise said...

I am glad you have been having fun with your family.

RealEstateGirl said...

Glad y'all are enjoying the summer!

I've wondered where you were!