Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1st ever baseball game ....or is it soccer?

Hey girls! I had a few minutes to sit while my children are napping and thought I'd let you all know what is happening in our world.

We drove to Georgia on Sunday afternoon to visit my family. Yesterday we decided we should go to a Chattanooga Lookouts game. Hubby and I were excited to be going and I asked my girls each separately if they wanted to go to the game. Now - remember that I spoke to each of them separately.....and the following are the conversations....

Me: A (oldest child), do you want to go to a baseball game?


Me: What's baseball?

A: It's where you kick the ball into the goal.

Conversation with middle daughter:

Me: M, do you want to go to a baseball game?

M: Yeah!!!

Me: M, what is baseball?

M: The one where you try to kick the ball.

And since, daughter #3 is only 2 and had no idea what I was asking, she just said she didn't know what baseball was.

Ya'll, maybe you don't know it - but I am a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan. Matter of fact, that is what I was doing when I went into labor with the first two daughters - watching the Braves on tv. I feel I have failed at teaching them to be American somehow. Isn't baseball supposed to be America's favorite past time? Seeing as how tomorrow is the 4th of July - I thought we needed to teach them some some patriotism.

SO, off we headed with my Dad, the 5 of us and my cousin, N who just loves us enough to go to a baseball game with 3 small girls. And boy, did they ever rack up for their 1st baseball game. We had front row seats and got there in time to see them warming up. The star player (we were told by the man sitting next to us) gave the girls his warm up ball. Then the middle girl got to go and play one of those games in between innings. She got to do the "Mooing competition" sponsored (of course) by Mayfield.

She and two other kids were placed on top of the dugout and each had to moo. My M, who is 3, went last and she WHISPERED "moo". I need to tell you (and you need to visualize) this little girl standing there on top of "the letters" (as she called the dugout--again, lack of baseball knowledge) with her arms crossed looking not so happy to be up there (I PROMISE I did not force her to do the game -- she wanted to). Well - they had a recorded "MOO" so they played that for her "moo", the crowd voted, and she won....

Hubby says that is what you call getting the cute vote because she certainly didn't win for her "mooing" capabilities.

What did she win? This t-shirt
and a FREE 1/2 gallon of Mayfield ice cream. Now I know that if you aren't from the area, that may not be a big deal to you (Or if you are from Texas you will choose Blue Bell) but Mayfield Ice Cream is the best. I cannot wait to get us some free ice cream. HOORAY for the cute vote!
After the game we got the "star" player to sign the two baseballs that we ended up with (the man sitting next to us gave us a second one). Hubby is hoping the star player is getting the call up to Cincinnati really soon!
We really did have a great time at the game, girls - and I am hoping my girls know the difference between soccer and baseball now.....but I'm not so sure --
This morning the middle one was talking about it and said, "You know he took that thing and tried to hit the ball" Somewhere along the way she missed that that "thing" is called a bat.....
WE might need some more work on that one.
Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July and I will get back with you when I have a chance!


Denise said...

Being from chattanooga, I know how delicious mayfield icecream is. I love the lookouts too, glad you enjoyed your day. I love you sweety.

RealEstateGirl said...

That is too cute! The one where you "kick the ball!" I love it!

By the way, I worked for the Atlanta Braves from 1981 - 1993 and I am not into baseball at all. My hubby and son go nuts when I talk about working with Hank Aaron and even driving some of the other players cars in the tunnel. Oh well, it was fun, but not about the baseball for me!

Have a wonderful 4th!

Deborah said...

Well done moo girl, that is too cute for words you sure do have wonderful traditions over in USA. Well enjoy the icecream. love always me

Karen said...

What a cute story! And I was lost with Mayfield until you said Blue Bell, and then I was right there with you--mouth watering and all!! It sounds like you had a great time! (BTW, did you get the email I sent to you way back when we first met?? Sometimes my email goes haywire, and I wanted to make sure you got it...) Happy 4th! Love, Karen

Cyndi said...

What a fun outing, and a cute story! And I've been to games where the outfielder accidentally kicks the ball when he's going for it. Baseball turning to soccer is not pretty... You made me want to take the kids to a baseball game. We used to go all the time... Fun! Have a happy Fourth!!

Cyndee said...

Sounds like the girls are on their way to being big fans like their mom. You can't beat getting a t-shirt, ice cream and signed baseballs. My boy would have loved it. Thanks for taking the time and catching us up on a fun day.

NspiredByFaith said...

My dad used to work for Mayfield, and your IS the best! had me cracking up over your girls reactions to the question...too cute!

pinkmommy said...

Sounds like a fun family night...even if your girls haven't quite got the whole baseball thing yet. :) Our sport is football. We are all huge Arkansas Razorback football fans. The Princess LOVES the games. Mainly because she gets to dress in a cute cheerleader dress, eat all the popcorn her tummy can hold, and yell as loud as she wants with no one saying anything about it.

The Preacher's Wife said...

i'm so sad we missed you being home!! our week was action packed..i'll get it posted soon hopefully...:))


Ginger said...

Wish I could have been there to go to the girl's first baseball game with you all!! Sounds like you all had a WONDERFUL time!!! I can certainly believe that M won the contest on cuteness -- she is a cutie!! Love you!