Monday, June 11, 2007

We're back!

Hi all! We have arrived home from Annual Conference. My girls and I spent most of our time playing at the house we rented or we played at the playground while hubby was in his meetings voting on the important things like how much furniture should church have for pastor's in their parsonages.....

That was one of the lighter issue's they voted on. There were many more that were quite political I'd say. This is a serious meeting I have come to understand. This year in particular was a big one as the delegates and pastor's there voted on who should represent our conference at the general conference. And General Conference which convenes every 4 years, is where the decisions on where the Methodist church stands on different issues are made.

We did have some fun while away though. Lake Junaluska is a beautiful place and usually we get to see lots of friends. Although this year in particular every one seemed too busy to visit. I guess that should be expected since most of people there are pastors and they HAVE to be at the meetings.....That was sort of sad that we didn't get to spend time with some of our friends but such is life I suppose!

We did have 1 day to do some family stuff. We took our girls to a place called Santaland.....I have to tell you that I was incredibly leery of this place to start with. It is an "amusement park" and from the outside, I felt it looked a bit scary. BUT - my girls loved it! They got to see Santa and sit in his lap for pictures in JUNE. And the thing I loved best about Santa? He told my girls to remember that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas! (go santa!) There was a petting zoo and some carnival rides, too. It was a great time for my girls. If you are ever near Cherokee, NC and have small children - Santaland is worth the visit.
I've missed catching up with you all this past week and will try to do that today sometime in between the laundry and house cleaning I've got to get done!
Have a great day everybody!
God continues to be so GOOD!


NspiredByFaith said...

Glad you guys had fun! I have saw the Santaland place before, but like you, thought it looked a little creepy! Glad to know its a fun place with a Jesus lovin Santa!

Deborah said...

Welcome back lovely lady, I love santa, that tells the truth about Jesus!! Am I too old to go to santaland? ha ha ha O I have to watch the green monster doesnt come out to play when I hear of all the fun places in the States!!! anyway dolla I am glad you are back and I know those meetings can be so hard on the family especially when there is no time out from them. anyway just wanted to say welcome back

pinkmommy said...

Welcome back! Glad y'all had a safe trip!