Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Honoring My Man Update

Well ladies. Let me tell you that the devil has been working hard on me this past week trying to get me to NOT honor my hubby. I am sad to say that on some days I let him lead me into arguing with hubby. Which let to both of us being irratible and no one wanting to kiss anyone good morning or even give a welcome home kiss in the afternoons.

I tell you I was very aware by the end of last week that the devil doesn't want me to honor my hubby as I should. He doesn't want things to change because he loses yet another foothold when it does.

However - I will not give up. I plan to continue my 1st set of goals and I will add two more..

**Since we are focusing on honoring him at work I want to add these goals:

****When he talks to me about church matters I will listen and support him instead of trying to point out where I think he can improve himself in the situation. ***

I am really bad about hearing him tell me something that bothered him at church and trying to tell him how to be different himself. I don't want to do that -- I know it just makes him feel bad.

**** Don't say anything about him to the people at church that isn't praising or complementary of him.

I don't mean that I bad mouth him to people -- I just mean if someone else is talking about their husbands and say, how they never help around the house, I might say something like "yeah, K doesn't help either...." That isn't honoring so I choose to bite my tongue . Mama always said, "If you can't say something nice......." you know the rest.

Looking forward to checking in with you all next week. I am planning to leave the devil behind ---far, far behind and NOT let him win -- not even once!!!!

Have a great week! If you are interested in joining the challenge, go on over to Fruit In Season!


blackpurl said...

blessing on you and your marriage as you work on your goals this week!

peace, Alida

Denise said...

Hang in there sweety, marriage is not easy. But your efforts to honor your husband will be well worth it. I pray for special sweet blessings upon your marriage.

Lynn said...


Loved this post. I wish I lived near you. I would be over for a cup of coffee and a hugs. You and I are so much alike. Love you, Lynn

RealEstateGirl said...


Thanks for sharing this. I too, tend to be very critical if my husband asks me how something went, etc. You have encouraged me to start pointing out positives instead of negatives.

I love your honesty and transparency. Girl, it's what makes you so endearing!

hang in there!

Love ya!

Christine said...

It's tough being a pastor's wife! You have to be on a different level and watch your every move. Since I work in a church, though I'm not a pastor's wife, I know how you feel. This week will be better! Being aware of it is the key!

Mindy said...

THanks for such sweet encouragement everyone!!!
You help me "keep my chin up!"