Monday, June 18, 2007

Honoring the man I've been given

I am joining in Christine's 30 day challenge to honor my husband.
Because it is a good thing and I have always been slack about giving the respect he deserves.
Here are a few of my goals........these are the initial one that I've thought of and I am sure there will be more but I think these 3 are a good start!

**Begin each day by praying for him and us. I will use my Power of The Praying Wife book. I used to be really good at praying for him with this book each day but I've long since stopped doing it......I will start again!

**Actually greet him each afternoon when he comes home with a kiss and a hug. I've NEVER been good at this but I believe that it will set our evening off right if I greet him and he sees he is first on my list.

**When he is discussing things with me and I disagree with him, I will first go and discuss in in prayer with GOD...HE may change MY mind. HE may help me see that my thoughts are right and lead me to discuss it with hubby in HIS way or he may instruct me to be quiet. Whatever happens I've turned it over to GOD and that is best.

**lastly, bite my tongue when I feel like nagging.....instead take it to Jesus in prayer.

I am so happy that I am going to do this for the next 30 days. I am also scared about failing.......but I know you all are doing it too and that MY LORD is helping me and will honor my respecting hubby the way HE directs me too! AND I cannot wait to see how this blesses our marriage......and to see how your's are all blessed too! If you are interested in joining this fabulous challenge -- go on over to Fruit in Season and link up!


NspiredByFaith said...

You have a great list of goals Mindy! I'm sure your husband will greatly appreciate your efforts and your marriage will be greatly blessed as well!

blackpurl said...

I am in on this challenge as well... I am looking forward to seeing how God uses this in our marriage and in me personally. Glad to know that others are going to be in it with me! Best wishes!

Nise' said...

Wonderful goals! I need to practice biting the tongue when I feel like nagging as well!

Christine said...

Great goals!! I especially resonate with the nagging one- yikes!!

Hope your week is blessed!

Melanie said...

I'm in on this challenge too.
Glad to see all who are joining.
You have some great goals!

Karen said...

Mindy, I have come to your blog via your comment that you left for Kim at Lifesong. My eye caught the word "parsonage" in your comment, so I just had to read more and come find your blog! I, too, am a preacher's wife...a United Methodist one, at in a parsonage! I'm always excited to come across others in a similar place as me. I like to learn all I can from the experiences of others. Just quickly browsing your blog, I see other things we have in common...FLY Lady...Encouragement for Today...I read many of the same blogs you do. I'll certainly be back to visit again! Blessings, Karen

Panda-Mom said...

Ditto. I had to come over and visit because I, too just moved from living in a parsonage for 3 years. My hubby is a children's minister. We have been in ministry together for our marriage of 15 years. We have yet to own a home or live in anything that even remotely resembles a place I'd live when I "grew up". I love all of the pics I've seen on Kim's blog, too. I done my own dreaming of how amazing her things are. She is blessed. We too are blessed, but I count them differently. The time we lived in our little pink parsonage was precious and though it was FAR from what I'd ever want to live in, I would constantly thank God for it since so much of the world doesn't even have a place to call home or else their home is awful and delapidated. I like your blog, and I will come back for more. ; )

e-Mom said...

I'm here from the Preacher's Wife. I like your new look, anc congratulations on your CWO win. Nice to meet you! You have some wonderful goals for your marriage. Hugs 'n prayers, e-Mom

alison said...

Mindy--I love your site's design! Did you do it yourself? I'm so jealous...I need to learn some html!

Kim said...

I love what you are going to be doing to honor your husband! What a great idea!