Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am in something of a funk and am trying to talk some things out with God. I KNOW he put us here and HE has a purpose but you know - sometimes it is hard just hanging on and waiting. SO - he and I are talking today and I'm sure that we will work it through and my decision will ever be to trust HIM.
I've learned on days when I am feeling sorry for myself - I need to count my here goes. I try to dwell on the LOVELY things all the time and I know the devil is trying to work me up so without further ado -
Today I'm thankful for:

***3 beautiful little girls who are gifts from God. Even when they've messed up what I have just cleaned up -- they are gifts and I know it. I'm thankful that I am aware everyday of what a gift they are!

***I am thankful for a husband who is a WONDERFUL daddy to my girls. He gives baths, and helps out with most everything. Tonight he will do dinner for himself and the girls so I can go to a food party at a friends house.

***I am thankful that God has given me the ability to make bows and flip flops for my girls first and then to sell some of them. It brings in a little extra income.

***I am thankful for Kellie, Vicki, Cathy and Ruth - my Traveling Companions. These are my friends who keep ME straight. Friends who will discuss with me bible verses and talk through my questions. Who listen to my whining and come back with ......"and what is your part in this?" Or ask me to really pray and talk to GOD about what to do next. They are always loving, always caring and always holding me accountable to what I need to do fro HIM!

***I am thankful for people who try to see the whole picture of things and not just one persons view.

***I an thankful for people who try to see God's view of things instead of the worlds.

***I am thankful for the 23 ladies who have come to be part of the new bible study I'm leading by Beth Moore, The Patriarchs.

***I am most thankful for my revelation that God loves me and I am worthy because of it ONLY because of HIM.
***I am thankful for my new bloggy friend Cyndi who is doing HIS work in China this week. DO pray for her and her team! I am also thankful that she sent me a sweet gift and I hope to post a picture of it soon for all to see.
***I am thankful that my friends are in China to adopt a baby girl and they got her yesterday. The blessings that will come for our friends and little Ella will be amazing!

*** I am thankful that God does indeed have a plan and that it is good. He is sovereign -- knowing all and planning all -- AND he has unfailing Love for me so HIS plans can be NOTHING but good.

***I'm thankful that my two year old hasn't stuck anything up her nose this seems to be a trend.

***I'm thankful that God is big enough that HE understand my frustrations and will help me through them!

Come with me over to Irises and read other Thankful Thursday posts and where you too can post your blessings.


kissesfromheaven said...

A grateful heart sure changes our focus for the day! Three little sweet. I'm thankful for friends too, that help me stay on track. We need each other. God is so amazing! I'm glad He has a plan for me and desires good things in my life. Blessings on your weekend.

Annie said...

You are so right. There is so much to be thankful for. Having a heart filled with gratitude does bring so much joy,and puts life into perspective.
You have a beautiful site !! Thankyou for visiting my blog !!. Glad to meet you.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your grateful heart.

Lori Madison said...

Dear Mindy,

Thank you for visiting my site, it was so lovely to read your comment. It made me feel less alone and that is always so important. It is awesome how despite your feeling low today, you can still look into your heart and count all your blessings. God Bless...

Deena said...

Laughin' about your two year son's favorite? Pencil erasers...minus the pencil!!

Darlene said...

Great list. I have to pop in at Cyndi's to wish her well on her trip. I forgot! :(

I love this one: I'm thankful that my two year old hasn't stuck anything up her nose this week... lol!

Nise' said...

Agreeing with you that it can be hard waiting and hanging on! I am so glad you joined in today. Loved The Patriarchs. You've got a great group to study with!

Lyndy said...

I think a lot of people have been struggling this week, me included. Thanks for sharing your list.

Sharon said...

I so loved teaching The Patriarchs. It is a great study and I learned so much.
God is very patient and tender--He understands we are not perfect.
He is truly a personal God--he will pull you through.
Good news about your two year old. :)

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thank you for sharing . Your post made me smile! I came in from a long day of appointments and enjoyed reading your list! Have a wonderful weekend.

In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama )

Heart of Wisdom said...

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Our Peculiar Life said...

what a beautiful heart-felt post. I am so glad I stopped in. Your page looks wonderful, I can't wait to read more. Have a blessed week.

eph2810 said...

What a beautiful thankful list. Yes, our God is big and sometimes just hang on to the seat of our pants and trust Him to see us through the rough spots. Been there myself this past week. I just know that He has a plan, and I trust He will make His plans know to me :)

I hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Be blessed today and always.

julie said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. You made me smile when you talked about your girls. Sometimes it really is hard to be thankful when the kids are getting into messes. You have a great attitude. Children surely are a special blessing from God.

Have a great week!