Monday, May 7, 2007

It's Just a Feeling I Get

Girls, I’m in need of some discernment here. As well and guidance, advice and bible verses to apply here, too!
Are you an intuitive person? I tend to see myself as a very intuitive person which - if I’m honest -can lead to paranoia if left unchecked. But - I have been told by many (some of which were professionals) that I am intuitive so I don’t think it is just me “puttin’ on airs” as the saying goes. Whenever I get these “feelings” I try to pray about them and see what God is saying and where HE is leading but it is sometimes difficult to figure out.
Well, since I moved to this place almost 10 months ago, I’ve had this feeling about two different people. With both of them the feeling hit me as soon as I met them and they are people that I come into contact with at least once a week - if not more. It is that feeling that something is just not right. That this person isn’t what he/she seems to be. And I have to say that one of them has proven true - this person IS a “snake in the grass”. Always manipulating things to appear a way that they aren’t. The feelings continue………even now - 10 months later, I still have this “Something just isn’t good here” feeling whenever I am around these people. That “I should be leery of him/her” feeling.
SO , here is what I need help with because while I am intuitive an get “feelings” about things - I cannot seem to figure it out.
SO - girls - let’s hear it — your opinions please. I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!! So, please pass this on and ask all of your friends out there in blogland to send me their opinions….I will be praying this day that they LORD will use you all to speak HIS truth to me in this situation.
Is this intuition at all? It is from God? Is the Holy Spirit warning me about these people? OR is it just me –reading whatever I will into these people?
UGGHHHH! Can I tell you all this is driving me kind of crazy. So, I am desperately looking forward to some answers.
I will be praying!


~Layers*of*Me~ said...

I also am exceedingly intuitive. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's frustrating to be so instinctively accurate on things.

My two thoughts are:
1. You're very sensitive to certain *things*, and maybe these people are hitting your radar panel sending alarms loud and clear. When I say *things* it could be anything, and only you can determine what that is.

Intuitive types can pick out trademarks and characteristics based on circumstances they have dealt with firsthand.

Such as: child abuse-- generally intuitive types instinctively know, for no apparent reason, an individual is capable of it; habitual types (lieing, drugs, alcohol, etc)-- if you had a close friend or family member with these problems you'll see the signs before anyone else does. Stuff like that. Are you following me here? It could be something monumental you are picking up, or it could just be a trait (manipulative, deceitful, etc).

And #2 would be warning signs to be friendly and polite, but not intimate or best friends with the individual(s). I can't quite explain it too well. But I do hope you understand what I mean. And... I think you will.

RealEstateGirl said...

Hey girl, I thought I had your email to send you a "comment" about this post...but now I can't find it!

Email me if you get a minute...