Thursday, May 17, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

My sister, at The Hunts, tagged me to do this 7 random things about me and since the only thing I could think of was that I am a lefty (which isn't that random) she helped me think of more. Thanks sister!
So without further ado - here are 7 random things about me.

1. I do not like for anyone to touch me with their feet. YUCK!!! Not even my children. If they are in my lap and rub their feet on me -- I have to get the feet off. Odd I know.

2. I am chlausterphobic. I really don't like any confined spaces but I especially don't like elevators. I would rather walk up 30 flights of stairs than get on an elevator. And if I HAVE to ride an elevator and there are more than 2 other people in it -- you can forget me getting on. I'll wait on the next one - thank you very much.

3. I also have a fainting problem. I used to faint when I would get a shot (which was often since I had strep throat all. the. time!), I've fainted from having the flu, getting my hand shut in a car door and from breaking my foot. Once when I was sick - I fainted and my brother thought I was dead and started yelling to my sister to call 911......he was very upset apparently. I hate I missed it -- I think it was probably amusing on some level -- but nice to know that my brother cares!

4.Which brings me to this - I am totally a clutz. It used to bug me that people thought this of me but I have faced the truth as an adult and admit it upfront. I am clumsy. and unfortunately this trait has been passed on to my middle daughter, M.

5. My brain tends to work faster than my mouth (and my fingers when I am typing). This happens especially when I am excited about something so I end up speaking (writing) in half sentences that no one understands. Which is why I KNOW if anyone learns anything from a bible study that I lead -- it is because the Lord spoke through me......He knows I cannot speak intelligently without HIM!

6. I know LOTS of songs from all different genre's. Give me a few lyrics and I can usually sing the song to I am good at the game that says finish the line from this song. I however am NOT good at knowing WHO sang what song. SO - don't ask me.

7. The most random thing about me is this -- I love tuna fish gravy. I know most of you (ALL of you) won't know what that is but it! is! delicious! There will be no judging of this -- don't knock it until you try it!!!!

So there you go. 7 totally random things about me =)


Ginger said...

THANKS!! You did think of some on your own! Funny!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay Mindy,

I have to chime in on the gravy thing because no one else on the planet has ever heard of it. Your family taught my mom to make it and only when she made me taste it did I realized I could love it as well. But I am tellin' you every one in the 5 states I have lived in and have described it to just says 'ewwww' ...Go figure?

So for all you blogirls out there who will read Mindy's post, let me vouch for her that tuna gravy is in fact delectable. :))

And we'll even be be sweet and share the recipe if you want it! :)

RealEstateGirl said...

I'm with you on the feet thing!

Opposite from you on the brain/mouth thing...I wish my brain would catch up with my mouth and stop me from blurting out exactly what's on my mind at the time! Hubby says there is no filter between my brain and my mouth!

And sorry, to both you and Lisa, GROSS on the tuna gravy! I'm having to swallow several times from my jaw contracting just thinking about it!!!

blackpurl said...

tuna fish gravy??? I am stunned!

Darlene said...

I'm SOOO TEMPTED to knock #7, but I WON'T since you requested it so nicely... :)

I'm clumsy too--big time. And I fainted at work several years back when I was a cashier. Too funny! I got the rest of the day off, and I didn't feel ill or anything. I just suddenly said, "Uh, oh, I'm going down" and I was out. lol

Jungle Mom said...

Hello from Venezuela. Tuna fish gravy, huh?

NspiredByFaith said...

Girl, you are too funny! I loved reading this....and,...I'm gonna just have to trust you and Lisa on the tuna gravy.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for dropping by! I would like the tuna gravy recipe. We are having a lot of food shortages here and Tuna seems to be something we can get. I agree whole heartedly by the way, with your comment on my blog:)